MoonTaxi_Troubadour DSC_1669

Moon Taxi at the Troubadour


Impossible Project – New Year’s Eve Photo Contest Winner

Excited to announce that one of our NYE pictures on Impossible HQ film was chosen as a winner in the Impossible Project New Year’s Eve Photo Contest!

Philip-Sayce IMG_8330

Philip Sayce

Shania-Twain DSC_0762

Shania Twain

Ettiene-Charles DSC_4411

Etienne Charles

Bo-Band-of-Brothers DSC_6878

Bo and the Band of Brothers

Lobate-Paladinos DSC_5864

Lobate Scarp

Misty-Boyce DSC_0178

Misty Boyce

Alabama-Shakes-Hollywood (4)

Alabama Shakes in Hollywood

Brett-Young (1)

Brett Young MTV